Athanasius Kircher's Atlantis

Old Atlantis

Atlantis (also called Old Atlantis) was the original home of the Atlantean people.


Atlantis was once a Greek colony. But after the Atlantean War for Independence, the Greeks decided that Atlantis should be its own people and left it be.

For centuries all was peaceful, then one day, a small group of pirates attacked the docks with several Krakens. Afterwords, the great Atlantean hero Arkantos left to join the Greeks at Troy.

Titan forces then invaded Atlantis and occupied it. It was later discovered that Poseidon had betrayed Olympus in order to help Kronecker escape. After the cyclops Gargerensis was defeated, a series of earthquakes, tornadoes and lightning storms sank much of Old Atlantis into the ocean, while the remnants of the Atlantean people escaped to the norselands.